Nighttime Challenge: can you turn off all of your technology and spend quality time with yourself?

Write, paint, dance, sing, create, or rest in non-doing. This is one way to get closer to ourselves.

A Contemplation on Generosity

I woke up this morning contemplating the word “generosity”.

The first wave of understanding was that true generosity is defined as giving without any intention to receive in return.

The second wave came with the understanding that many times we “give” and the intention behind it is egocentric, in that we are in action, only to benefit ourselves.

The third wave was the understanding that true generosity is an attribute of Divine Energy and it can be cultivated through practice and observation of the intentions behind why we do the things we do.

The final understanding was that generosity could only be received if there a vessel who is open enough to accept with full gratitude.

And so a meditation begins…

Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lay down.

Take a couple of breaths in and out to release and arrive into the moment. Then allow your mouth to open and allow your breath to flow generously. In and out through your mouth. Become a vessel to receive your breath with gratitude for each moment where you are aware of being breathed into and allowing the breath to return from where it came. Be here for a few minutes, generously, even with your time.

Now, while you are in your life.. observe how generosity plays a role in your experience.

Honesty and the Courage to Share

I am pretty skeptical of sharing my inner most thoughts.

Actually, to be totally honest, I am petrified of posting my writing. I am afraid of rejection and being perceived as dumb. The only remedy I could think of to sooth my fears, is to share relentlessly, thus begin my ramblings. I hope this blog will turn into a place for at least one person to turn to when they need inspiration, advice, or to realize that they are not alone in the experience called life.

Tonight, as a share my first entry, I want to set the tone for the rest of my musings and say that I will be as honest as I have the courage to be about my process. I feel that it is critical in our digital age to remember that as humans, we must choose to bond over the things that unite us in similarity, as well as, support one another around the things that make us different. It is my intention to write for the collective, about the collective, so that we can all remember that we are celebrating and struggling with similar themes as those around us, even if most of us decide to suffer silently in the solace of our own minds and hearts.

May we have the courage to speak our truths and in the process, inspire others to confide in the notion of community to do the same and liberate suffering from our collective consciousness, one step at a time.