Morning Rituals

I wake up every morning knowing that the quality of my thoughts and actions will paint the colors of my day. I aim to share my morning with you in hopes that it will inspire you to craft your own morning ritual and prepare yourself for the day ahead, even if you find that you only have 5 minutes to spend.

I begin the moment I wake. I thank my body and vital force for another day to experience life. I envision myself getting up and affirm the amazing day head.

Once my bed is made, teeth are brushed, and bathroom is conquered, I make my way to my sacred space (whenever I have it set up), and I light a candle and some sage if I feel called.

I take a seat, close my eyes, and call in the creative energy of the universe and all of the unseen magic that is available. I invoke the best parts of me and this universe to be present. I affirm that I am available to play, feel, sing, dance, write, and experience.

Once I feel connected, I open my eyes and write 2 pages, a practice I picked up from Julia Cameron in the Artist's Way. In these pages I let everything flow; ideas, frustrations, gratitude, and even to do lists. I love this practice because it frees up mental space to prepare for meditation.

I find my meditation blanket set my timer (insighttimer) and sit for 20-30 minutes. I allow my meditations to be as they are, sometimes deep and other times difficult and frustrating.

The timer goes off, I end with an ohm, gratitude, and an affirmation to get the day rolling. I go into the kitchen to have my morning elixir and smoothie and finish by walking my dog in nature.

It might not sound like much but I allow my practices and rituals to flow and change as need be. I find a lot of my students have a hard time with consistency because a practice might lose its relevance. I encouraged for you allow for your practices and rituals to shift as you do.

I believe one of the only requisites of a practice is that it should be challenging. A practice that breaks through the mental patterns of the mind and lends the opportunity for growth and a shifting of perception or connection.

I cherish my morning ritual. With my hour every morning, I am able to confront my inner workings, before I go out into the world and share my energy in my many interactions.

I have two invitations and I hope you take the initiative!

  1. I invite you to craft your own morning ritual here and keep it consistent for 40 days. Click here to download the ritual crafting guide.

  2. I invite you to share your ritual, experience, or frustrations in the comments below.