on pain

Pain, modern culture has taught us to ignore it and new age philosophies teach that it is not real because “you are not your body or your mind” so therefore any sensation irrelevant and a distraction from begin “light”. If we can be honest with ourselves and admit that pain is a real part of our human experience and learn to express it, we can begin to use pain as a means for change in our sometimes predictable experience.

The body is a perfect piece of matter. Part of its function is the storage of information through muscle memory, meaning that we store emotions from past experiences within the musculature of our bodies. When trauma and emotional experiences are left unchecked and unexpressed, our bodies tense up in storage mode and our minds use that information to subconsciously create belief systems about the world and the construct of self. 

The pain we feel in the body, is the ego pointing to the areas where we need to spend time with our experiences and free up the storage so we can turn pain into wisdom. My life changed significantly when I began to engage in conversation with the sensations of my body. Daily in my meditation practice, I get curious about what I am holding onto beyond conscious awareness and allow it to speak to me. You will be surprised how quickly your life’s patterns and circumstances will shift once you hone in on this practice and allow space and gratitude to replace tension and pain.