if you fear, click here.

The best transmissions come from teachers who are frank about their personal journey, they share their pains and triumphs with the recognition that others will find solace in knowing they are not alone and there is a way through and out of the turbulence.

I seek to share more truthfully. Today, I sat in meditation and the mantra that came to me was, “I believe in myself + I am worthy of _______.”

I began to repeat the mantra in harmony with the tempo of my breath and inserted all of the things I believe I am not worthy of yet, I want to manifest into my life. Below is a short list of things I inserted into the mantra, I believe these are all things we all want to cultivate and receive.

  1. money

  2. deeper self love

  3. greatness

  4. success

  5. more money

  6. opportunity

  7. deeper belief in myself.

For thirty minutes I kept up the repetition of the mantra. The whole time tears were streaming down my face, while I was not weeping or crying, I was releasing. What exactly was I releasing? I am not sure. What I do know is that we all stand on the precipice of receiving all of the things we desire. Sometimes we have the courage to jump, other times we are paralyzed by fears and unchecked beliefs.

This mantra will begin to pick apart those beliefs and give you the opportunity to confront the fears, so that you will build up the courage to take the a leap. The only requirement is to commit to the practice, and continue until you see the changes unfold before your very eyes.