What happens when we immerse ourselves into nature without the distractions from our fast paced life? I believe that this is a questions for each person to answer on their own. When we go into nature, it seems as though everything slows down and we can find perspective. I had so many aha moments. Once I was able to settle in to my space, I found that I spent most of my time just listening. As if nature was talking to me so clearly. Rio Celeste Hideaway hotel is my home away from home in Costa Rica. The hotel itself is beautiful, not to mention the way that it is nestled so delicately into the area surrounding Tenorio National Park. 

We arrived on Thursday to be greeted by the friendly staff with a natural fruit juice, it was perfect. The days that followed were filled with a hike to the national park and the most delightful yoga and meditation practices at the yoga space on site. We spent a lot of time but the pool unwinding and drinking fresh fruit juice, eating gourmet meals carefully curated to aid our healthy lifestyle and exploring our expression through art work and spoken word. 


Nature was our container. She held us with her sweet rhythmic sounds and gentle rain. Rio Celeste Hideaway is really a gem in Costa Rica. I cannot wait to go back! 

For more information please visit www.riocelestehideaway.com