I woke up this morning with the intention to write, I have been going through many shifts and I think its important to start documenting it all. Perhaps getting in the habit of writing out my life will give me the courage to start consistently sharing my thoughts and experiences. I recently stated listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s, Big Magic on audio book. She encourages all people to be relentlessly creative. I quickly surrendered 

I have had an aversion to the word “creative” ever since I can remember. Growing up, I felt that I did not have any particular talent, and did not stand out in school academically or artistically. I was, however, known as a dancer. I remember that in dance class, there was always an underlying desire to be the best, pressure by the institution of dance to excel. But in my heart dance was and is about beautiful expression of the human body and emotion. In Big Magic, Gilbert talks about art as a form of expression, that it should not be expressed because we aim to please others or become the best. If you think about it, that is the essence of art and creativity, each person has his or her own particular gusto. She goes on to say that we should express ourselves and send it out into the universe, the reactions of others to our art, is not our burden to bear. The deeper I reflect back into my up bringing, the more I can understand how I came to believe that as a 26 year old woman, I am not creative and will never excel as a creative type. However, I know that I am able to change my mind and my experience, and I intend to do so. So here is my exclamation, I AM CREATIVE, I AM A WRITER, I AM A MOVER and SHAKER. I WILL PUT MY ART OUT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE and SET IT FREE. 

It is so interesting how things come full circle, just yesterday prior to listening to Gilbert’s stance on sharing our art, I taught a class where most students felt moved. I explained, I am simply holding space and sharing my experience of the unseen and felt, how they receive it and integrate it into their bodies and souls is up to them. 

Development is interesting. I keep coming to these huge, new, and shiny revelations about the world and how I want to exist here. The more I understand the further I move away from what I believe people want from me or what they want think they want from me to offering up my most authentic self. Fascinatingly enough, the more I make decisions for myself, ones that I could live with, I feel more supported by the people in my life and by the universe around me. It is this support that allows me to grow and gain the courage to put it on paper and share it, even if I don't become the next Walden or Thoreau. 

So what is your exclamation to the universe? What is your art form and can you say it loud and proud, so that each atom of your being believes it and becomes it? To be honest, as I write some of this I have Gilbert’s voice in my head. I have to commend her on her bravery and incessant belief that we all have something to contribute. I agree with her, ifwe could courageously share each of our creative impulses we would be free in many ways, we could create some serious change in the world of creativity and reclaim our birth right to create. Perhaps move toward a society which empowers its humans… a society that recognizes every being has a contribution, and that creativity is not purely for the inherently talented.